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Atelierdereve's Profile Picture
Artist | Traditional Art
Astate is not *a state* of mind, but french for astatine, a rare and instable radioactive element. In a way, it kinda suits me ! XD

I'm a french dreamy person who loves tea and spend all her time inventing, writing and drawing stories. I want to become a professionnal author of comics.
And yeah, I kinda love FMA. I post mostly fanarts here, so, if you wanna see other drawings, you should check on my blog ;)

I decided to refresh my online accounts everywhere, so... I made a new design for my blog, and created a Tapas account... I'ts empty for the moment, but I plan to post the english versions of some of my comics here. Hope you will like it ! ^^

So, here is the places on internet where I speak mostly in english :
Instagram :
Tapas :

You can go on my blog, it's in french, but there's lots of drawings that I didn't post here :

If you're comfortable with french, you can also find me on facebook :
Facebook :…
And read plenty Royed fanfiction here : :…

See you ! ^^


At dawn
Here is the new illustration of my fanfiction Bras de fer, gant de velours (readable here (french only) :… )

I really wanted to draw this moment, not that it's crutial in the story (it isn't, really XD), but because I had so much this image in mind it just had to come out... So, here is a 10 year old Riza Hawkeye coming back from her first hunting. Now you understand why you have the feeling you shouldn't mess with her. ;) 

pen & penholder with black ink, watercolors, Sennelier gray ink and white pen of A4.
Quiet time
I'm clearly late, but here it is at last ! The new illustration of my french FMA fanfiction, "Bras de fer, gant de velours" (readable here :…)

I didn't plan to do something so long, but I started to add details on the furnitures, and then added more details on the rugs and the floor while inking the drawing, and then I started to do the color, wich took me ages because I really wanted to work on the mood, colors and shadows of the scene. I wasn't really confident at first but I pretty much like how it turned out in the end... Hope you will like it ! 

Made on A4 with a pen, penholder and sepia ink line, watercolor and white pen for some lightnings.
Here is the illustration of the new chapter of fanfiction. Not a very festive mood, sorry ^^° Still, I hope the readers will like the chapter ! 

Readable here (french only, sorry) :…

Merry Christmas everyone ! 
2017 Summary of art
2017 is close of the end... I made this meme last year and thought I could do it again and see some improvement.

So, what happened this year ? Many things, lots of work, as I realise now. 

First, I made no less than 20 Illustration for my fanfictions (some really big pieces, like july, august and october pieces) I also made some commission, started to draw furry (and liked it ! :P ) Currenlty I'm working on a avent calender, so, 24 drawings added to the pile... I lost count in the way. 

On comics side, I finished my doujin "Sweet suicide" this year (56 pages for the last chapter, made the last 12 pages of "les Jeunes Naufragés" unfinished since 2015, colored and posted "Oser Jouer", and made a short colored comics of 12 page for a fanzine about Yuri on Ice. Plus some other fanarts. I'm currenty on the last pages of "Pour un sourire" a 24 pages comics in color, starting during the 24hBD. So... I'm around 100 pages for this year ! XD.

I discovered again colored ink and use them a lot, fell in love with the old style penholder, and worked a lot more architecture and backgrounds.

I also wrote about 130 k during the Nanowrimo and camps, working on my fanfiction "Bras de fer, gant de velours" and... made a wedding dress for a gorgeous friend of mine ! I feel like I improved a lot this year, and I actually worked more than I thought. That's cool ! :) 

But it was exhasting, so, next year, I plan to keep more time for myself and those I love. I'll try to slow down to improve the construction of my drawings (perspective, anatomy). Same for comics, I want to make with my next projet, "Fleur des champs et serpent à plumes" a rich, deep story, with dense pages and realistic and detailled drawings. I can't have this if I'm always rushing. So, it's time to take a deep breath give myself time and try to get closer of perfection. 

(Yes I want to catch the stars ! XD)

Last year's summary :…
Yes. I'm back. 

After some years were I didn't post at all, I decided to come back on DA. I have done tons of fanarts I didn't post during this long time, so you will discover a lot of them in the next weeks.

I'm thinking about making a new profile, or at least selecting in my old submissions those I really want to keep. Not right now because I have a lot to do, and I'm not sure yet of what I want my account to look like, but it will happen, one day or another.

So, there isn't so much news. I'm still fan of FMA and Royed (I think it will keep on until I die, now u.u) I have tons of project for comic book stories. Some yaoi, some yuri, some fantasy, some dystopy, some slice of life... A lot of variety, as you can see ! ;)

When I will have finished Sweet Suicide, my FMA doujin, I'll start a new project, and I think you will see more of it on DA ;)

See ya !
  • Listening to: Journey's OST
  • Reading: fanfictions
  • Watching: la vidéothèque d'Alexandrie
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  • Eating: chocolate
  • Drinking: apple's juice



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Setsky Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016
Merci beaucoup pour les favoris !!
Atelierdereve Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016   Traditional Artist
De rien, c'est du joli travail ! ;)
MymyArtzone Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016  Professional General Artist
Genre tu m'avais pas watché ?! Vilaine XD
Atelierdereve Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2016   Traditional Artist
Genre ça fait vraiiiiiment longtemps que j'étais plus vraiment sur DA, genre avant de rencontrer Nyu ! *cherche honteusement des excuses*
MymyArtzone Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2016  Professional General Artist
Bah ouais un peu XD, tu étais encore active à un moment sur ton blog puis pouf, plus rien. Mais je peux comprendre, pas mal de choses t'on occupé, entre les études, le chéri et le mariage. Mais tu reviens en force !
Atelierdereve Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2016   Traditional Artist
Yep, je me suis un peu perdue en route (et puis j'ai changé tellement de fois de blog au cours des dernières années. Heureusement, le dernier en date est toujours actif, même si y'a des hauts et des bas ^^°) Et oui, je fais mon retour en force, en fait, je me rends compte que tout ça me manquait ;)
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oOFlorianeOo Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Merci pour le watching ;p

Contente que tu viennes poster tes jolis dessins ici ;p
RevanRayWan Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015   Digital Artist
Hello ! Ai fini par te trouver sur dA :D C'est Evhell ;)
Atelierdereve Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015   Traditional Artist
Hello ! Tu as du mérite, je suis tellement peu active sur DA, je ne sais même pas comment tu as fait ! XD
Yumenira Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
Wow, je viens de suivre un série de coïncidences !

Alors voila, je me promenais sur deviantart à la recherche d'images sur FMA, je suis tombée sur une à toi et je me suis dit "Tiens, ça ressemble à une scène de "Voyage à Ilix"" Alors je me suis souvenue que "Astate" parlait d'un compte deviantart et du coup j'étais "haha, je l'ai retrouvé par hasard."
Puis en parcourant ta galerie j'ai reconnu des images que je connaissait déjà... pour les avoir accrochées dans ma chambre... achetées à la Japanantes à un stand super sympa.
Lien : Wow, j'ai rencontré en vrai la personne qui a écrit Voyage à Ilix ! 

Du coup, je me doutes que ça ne dis rien mais j'étais la fan surexcitée de Harry Potter qui a sauté de joie en voyant Lily Evans, les maraudeurs et Luna à une convention manga, heureuse de pouvoir exprimer sa passion ici aussi ;D. Et maintenant ces jolis dessins sont accrochés dans ma chambre, Yeah !

Bon voilà j'ai fini de raconter ma vie, super galerie au passage !
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